about us

The "GJON MILI International Video Art Festival" is an annual event that celebrates the creation of Video Art and places special emphasis on innovative and ground-breaking artworks.
This festival is focused on experiment in video medium and embraces art works which explore new audiovisual exploration. It seeks for innovative, provocative, and exciting video art works from around the world and creation from the young generation through the workshops and Lab, that push the boundaries of the video and film medium.

The selection integrates a wide range of genres, including visual narrative, Generative Art, Eksperimental Short Film, Eksperimental Short Documentary,  animation and hybrid film forms.


As an independent manifestation devoted to new media and video art that provides an opportunity for emerging artists to create, thrive and present their innovative work.

The festival will be start on September 2023 with workshop program, trainings, and the festival will be held from
11 November – 23 November 2023 in Korça and Tirana cities as video art week.
25 November - 30 November 2023 in NEW YORK.

This festival is created inspired by the contribution that Gjon Mili gave to the world of art, as an icon of world photography. His figure is known worldwide for his innovations in photography, the experiment of stroboscopic light and its application in film and photography. Gjon Mili was a pioneer in cinematography as a screenwriter and director of seven documentaries.
Nominated for OSCAR Award in 1937.


Read rules & terms carefully before submitting your work!
1. You must own all the rights to all submissions.
2. All Submissions must have been completed after 1 July 2023.
3. If your film is in a language other than English, you must include English subtitles as this festival is for the international audience
4. Multiple entries are allowed. More than one film may be submitted to the same category.
5. A selection committee will determine which films will be showcased at the festival, your submission is not guaranteed to be shown.
6. The selection committee has the right to change the submitted category.
7. Works in progress are accepted but not recommended.
8. You can’t withdraw your work after the notification date.

If your film is selected to the GJON MILI IVAF 2023;
1. By submitting your film you automatically apply for screening and consent to your film being screened at GJON MILI IVAF 2023
2. By submitting to the Festival you agree to be included in the Festival’s promotional material (newsletters, flyers, media, etc.).
3. You must send all the necessary materials for the screening before the date determines by the selection committee. If you won’t send the necessary materials in time, the selection committee has the right to disqualify your film.
4. If your film has any dialog, narrator, or text; even if your film is in English, you must send a subtitle file(.srt format) in English. If you won’t send the subtitle file in time, the selection committee has the right to disqualify your film.


* Opening Date
January 20, 2023

* Earlybird Deadline
May 1, 2023

* Regular Deadline
June 31, 2023

* Final Deadline
August 15, 2023

* Notification Date
July 15, 2023

* Event Date
November 11-22, 2023,
Tirana, Korça

November 25-30, 2023, 
Manhattan, NY

*  Categories

Experimental Short Film
Experimental Documentary
Video Art
First Experiment